Angio Done

Angio done not the experience I had expected. It was pretty painful !! They threaded the cath wrong and I thoought I was going to go through the roof. I have never been in that much pain in my life. The surgeon doing the procedure felt horrible I never heard someone say he was sorry as many times as he did. One he got things under control the experience was not all that bad but man u can only be shot up with contrast so many times before the stuff starts to hurt. After a while I thought my head was going to explode. But atleast know my options are clear. Now to talk to one more nuerosurgeon. But it sounds like emoblization and then surgery. tthere are 2 major arteries feeding the avm one of which runs straight thru my lovely brain. And Six hours solid on my back to complete the exprience was not any fun. Well heres to the next step!!!

Hey Tonna,

So sorry you had to go through all that with your angio. It seems to me that, over all, they usually go fairly smoothly, but of course there are going to be those angios that are difficult and completely awful experiences, and I'm sorry this was one of those for you. I know I can't be nearly as glad as you are that it's over, but I'm glad you're through it now and that you have a good idea of how your AVM will be treated.

Good for you that you're making progress towards getting to, and then through surgery, and hopefully being free of even having an AVM.

Here's hoping your future procedures go much more smoothly and you become AVM free very soon!

No never heard of the angio seal but believe me i will remember to ask !! It was a killer to have to lay still for that long. Thanks, Tonna

Rebecca Lamb said:

Wow Tonna, sorry you had such a rough experience, but glad you got through it. Did they offer you the angio seal? I've had one with every angio including the one I had to two hours of laying vs the six.

It is silly but I recommend swearing…just make there are no children present.

I meant to say make certain there are no children present…LOL.