Angiogenesis Inhibitor Drug Treatment?

While surfing today, I came across information on the concept of angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels) and how somethings inhibit it. As a result, angiogenesis inhibitors are used to fight cancerous tumors. I'm wondering. What about using angiogenesis inhibitors as part of a comprehensive treatment for avms? I'm thinking angiogenesis inhibitor drugs could be used following embolizations to discourage the avms from "coming back" (as so many of us put it). Has anyone ever discussed angiogenesis inhibitor therapy with his/her doctors? Here's info on it:

Hi Beth. I did a search on the word for you…

Beth...It would be fantastic if our fellow AVM'rs discus this with their neuro docs to see if perhaps this would be a great new treatment! Thanks for sending the information!

Thanks, Barbara! It appears Luiscc has been on antiangiogenesis drug therapy without success. However,in your search results, Luiscc mentions the drug Avastin as being one recommended to him, but not one he has tried as yet. Dr. Judah Folkman, who died in 2008, was the pioneer in antiangiogenesis drug therapy and found success using Avastin on cancerous tumors:

Yes,it would! As one who had an enormous avm nidus in my leg (it was removed by amputation of the leg above the knee because of severe infection) and who still has a small nidus in my groin, I worry about the remaining nidus "kicking into high" gear some day and spreading.