Angiogram side effects

I had an angiogram this Tuesday for my one year follow up but had a really bad reaction. The angio went fine but within 30 minutes of being in recovery my face went numb and I got a migraine. Same thing happened the first time I had one too and I’m no stranger to headaches so fine whatever. The thing that scared me is that I lost most my vision and it’s been a couple days and I’m still dizzy and nauseous and not seeing as good as I normally do. I saw my doctor today (good news is avm is still completely gone with no sign of regrowth !!!) has anyone had these symptoms this long after an angio and what did you do to make them go away. Nothing I try seems to work and I’ve been spending the days laying in bed listening to the tv with a pillow over my eyes. I know it’s probably just time but I need to get back to work sooner rather than later.

I am so sorry to hear about the side effects!

I haven’t experienced this - but I find when I get migraines a cold compress over the eyes and forehead helps. Not sure if that is worth a shot?

Have you mentioned these side effects to your specialist- maybe they can give you something to help?

So I had scintillating scotomas for a few weeks after my embolisation procedure and again after the repeat angiogram to see that the embolisation had done its thing.

When speaking to someone on here, we concluded it was probably due to the contrast material used in the scanning irritating something.

A scintillating scotoma is like a shiny blur in your vision – in my case it was like looking through a frosted window but it can be quite twinkly. Each time it started as a small teardrop shape and then grew into a C shape with jagged teeth before it covered most of my vision in both eyes. Scotomas are typical migraine “aura”.

I’ve never seen such a thing before my embolisation and that second angiogram and actually I’ve never had it since. It lasted about three weeks and gradually became less frequent over those weeks. Each episode resolved in about 20 minutes.

Hope this helps,