Another seizure

Had another seizure this afternoon. Ended up under the desk at work this time. Didn’t know where I was when I came to. Didn’t know if I was in the same room or what. I absolutely don’t know how I got under that desk. My head was all the way touching the wall. When I opened my eyes all I could see was dark up above me. I remember going to the left again, shaking, trying to call for help next thing I know I am under the desk. Of course, I was at the front by myself, AGAIN… MY ARM is numb feeling at this moment. The seizure happened somewhere around 4:15 to 4:45 I guess. My grips are equal. No really bad headache. Just this weird numb, tingly feeling. Is it a lingering effect from the seizure?

It is now 7:35. I don’t know why my post says 6:34.

Hope your feeling better now but please seek medical advice & take appropriate medication if required…God bless will send prayers your way!