Anti gravity treadmill/ Alterg

Hello Survivors! Hope all of you are having a great weekend so far. I came across the anti gravity treadmill and after doing research, I was completely blown away! Have any of you used it? If so, I'd love to hear about your experience. For those of you who are not familiar, check this video out! There's definitely hope in running again after a stroke or injury. Click here :)

Hi Monica, my husband is learning to walk again and uses it. He had a bleed in his cerebellum. His physiatrist thinks it is great. The place we go you can just rent sessions but we also bring out PT along. It’s been great in working on walking so I’m sure it would be awesome to work on running as well. You can adjust the gravity settings so it takes a lot of your body weight off if needed. My husband has no balance so this has been great for that. We think it’s an awesome therapy tool.

My daughter uses the alter-g. The first time she used it she had to be supported 60%. She has improved and and only needs 25% support or less. It is an awesome piece of equipment. Are you thinking of trying it?

Hi Cara! Thanks for sharing your husbands experience with the Alter G. Its definitely great to hear that it’s been awesome for the both of you . I love hearing feedback from people who have used the machine . Thank you !

Hi Sandra ! Wow, that’s great that she only needs 25% compared to 60%. I’m definitely thinking about incorporating it into my therapy .

Use it NOW, Monica. I am addicted to it. I used it off and on since 2013 and have used it 2x a week for 2 years. It takes away the fear of falling and is one of the only places I'm allowed to be alone. I "run" twice a week and do strength with Trainer David 2x a week and train (a lot of strength, agility, balance, and I dunno what) with Coach R. When I first met him he was interested in challenging me with the fatigue of the AlterG and then jumping into training. I've had to run a lot lighter due to injury (self-inflicted. Coach R caught me running at the max incline and made me stop, plus my involved leg gets wonky) I'm at 57% of body weight and am allowed up to 65% and a 1% incline. When I started I couldn't bring myself to get off the ground - he pushed the buttons for me. But my speed has increased +6mph. I run way better and faster than before my AVM. I wrote this post: How and Why to use an AlterG, and there's also an ORFR tag on my blog (Operation Run Forrest Run). And this is the vid I made for Coach R's 20th anniversary. I went to his gym (a private PT/Ortho practice) looking for the AlterG, and he was the Traffic Cop. We have fine times.

Do it. It is wonderful.

Hey Monica. I used the alter g and it was fantastic. The security it provides from falling (I have hemiparesis) gave me confidence that I haven’t experienced since my stroke.

I used it on my own as a supplement to PT, and made significant progress. It’s a ride from my house, so I haven’t used it in a while. It’s time to go back and continue my progress. Thanks for your post, it’s inspired at least one person to use it again. :slight_smile:

Hi Tim! im glad you find it helpful! Hopefully you can find a way to use it more often. Have you tried running with it?

H Ann!! I always emjoy reading your blogs. It's definitely motivating me to try the machine out now :)

Hey Monica! When I was using it walking was still a major challenge. It helped me improve.

I lost the use of my calf muscles on my left leg causing drop foot, so I wear a brace to support it. I also have limited use of my quad and hamstring on my upper leg. So while I have a long term goal to run again, I’ll use the alter g to help me continue to improve in the mean time.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d recommend it if possible. I wish you all the best, Monica! :slight_smile:

Hi Tim! All we can do is work towards our goal and build strength, right? Thanks for your response :)