Any advise?

My avm was found when I was 18, ten years ago. I am now a grown woman with children and am concerned that it will bleed. My mom says that it ws not treatable. It is in my occipital lobe and lately I have been getting more headaches and am dizzy alot more. I am scared it is going to bleed.

Hi Kelsey,

I saw on your profile that you’re without health insurance. I remember a few discussions on this site a while back, by people in the same situation. You may want to search for those discussions or start a new one, since you will want to get a doctor’s opinion if you think your AVM might have changed. Some states have high-risk health insurance for people who are turned down by private companies, hospitals have discount plans for the uninsured, and there might be medical trials you could join. (Other people on this site will be able to tell you more about these things.)

And if your AVM turns out to be stable, there are new treatments today that didn’t exist 6-10 years ago, so it’s possible that it’s treatable now.

Good luck!