Any Florida people out there?

I’m in sarasota fl… only a month into this journey & it’s already been a rough ride! I’m on medicaid, which has ridiculous amount of red tape, referrals etc. I paid out of pocket for my first neurologist ($375 for 2 appts) and he turned out to be a joke & had no idea what he was talking about regarding my condition. Big fat waste of time! I want to get a second opinion from a good dr who’s treated a CCM before & am finding it difficult. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

@Lomil I am near the Ocala area, I also was on medicaid. It was extremely difficult to find a nuerologist who took me seriously. :worried: I never really did, but I got one to give me referral to a nuerosurgeon. Dr. Bellew in Orlando. He works with the Orlando Nuerosurgery Group. He takes Medicaid and is wonderful. I hope this helps.

Thank you! That is actually very helpful. I appreciate the insight & will most certainly look into him.

I am in the Tampa area.
Mohamed S. Elhammady, MD removed my AVM.
I would recommend him.

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I am in Sarasota and am way past AVM hemorrhage. If you want to ask anything, please do. I can help, and even though I am older, I need to talk, too.



I live near Orlando too. Just got MRA done and they told me I have arterial malformation. Trying to find neurosurgeons in the area. Very hard to get an appointment with any of the docs from Orlando Neurosurgery but I am sending all my info to Dr Bellew and we will see.

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Although I’m super happy to hear and find out that my possible avm was wrong and I do not have a large nidus since 12/12/23 they have not completely ruled out a small avm and my brain has felt different since I took augmentin for 7 days for strep throat 11/22-11/28/23 I have felt shaky everyday all day since then have oral thrush that won’t go away with multiple antifungals and now an ovarian cyst liver cyst spleen cyst and lost 21 pounds. Any body have similar issues while waiting for Medicaid approval? I’ve been to ER 7 times and dr 5 times in 1 month I’m miserable and lost my job to boot as a single mom age 40