Any tips for managing mood swings and bouts of depression?

Hi all, I’m new to this forum but am glad to have found it. Still trying to figure out how it works…

I get bouts of quite severe depression, when over I’m fine.

Causes? I don’t know. But i guess an AVM and surgery is a bit life changing and requires adapting to … stuff.

Is this quite common? What do you do when you get the blues? Is it part of the monster that is brain surgery, even years on?


Hi Flower,

You may want to consider asking your neurologist or neurosurgeon to refer you to a neuropsychologist, or to a psychologist affiliated with the neurology department. They have a deeper knowledge of brain structure and function than ordinary psychologists. They will work with you to understand what’s happening both in your brain and in your life, and since they’re psychologists (not psychiatrists), they won’t prescribe medication. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact cause of depression, but they can certainly teach you strategies for lessening it.


Hi Flower,

I have suffered from the same thing since my ruptures and surgery 11 years ago. I like you am fine between bouts but as time wears on the bouts last longer and longer. I have been told that the ruptures can change your brain chemistry and where I had only slight and minor depressions before the AVM issues, I know have severe depression and even have been put on medications to help alter the brain chemistry to deal with the depressions. One piece of advice is if the suggest meds, only do one med at a time and then if they want to add another give it 2-3 weeks between them to see how your body and head react to each one.
We have different reactions to meds than we used to and I had a bad experience with them starting more than one med at a time last year and ended up in the hospital.
I hope this helps you a little and if you want to contact me seperately, please feel free to do so. I know how hard this can be on you.

well on my case It was hard to accepted and also i was on alot hedaches an even before the surgery…I spoke to my neurologyst or like Jh said they wiil send you to a Psychology…Or they will give you antidepressent.
In my case I spoke to a psychology and im under lexapro.
This network also helps alot Knowing that other people problems for same condiition and how they handle…
Good luck and take care of yourself…Good bless…

I have no idea if any of this is normal but I also have mood swings. I think partly because I am changing medication dosages and maybe also being in my mid-40’s doesn’t help:-) I try to stay positive but it can be challenging somtimes. I think anyone would be depressed at times with all of the uncertainties that go along with all of this. I go to church and pray but I’m also thinking of starting to take Yoga & Tai Chi as they are a sort of mind, body exercise which may also help.

Hi Flower, I’ve been on many antidepressants…now on paxil cr w/ abilify. Seems to be working…no more bouts of tears which is hard on the family:( Good Luck!

Risperdal .25 mg a day worked for me. I took it for about 8 months. It put me in a state of mind where I didn’t worry so much, kinda mellowed me out. Its hard to explain, its like you could put your brain in neutral, not drunk or high . Put it this way, I had my AVMs to deal with, and I had been told I had lung cancer, plus other matters with as much importance as the other two. And with all that and the help of risperdal and a few good doctors got me through the rough patch.

Hi All,

I know this post is quite old but hoping some people are still tuned in.

The doc put me on antidepressants and anxiety medication 100mg of zoloft a day - i had my first one yesterday- i felt great on a cloud- i found it hard to feel negative - still i felt a little strange and took a while to get use to, then i was fine - i went to bed and woke up at 1.30am and from then i couldnt sleep again, i was sweating (even though its winter here) and i had a very bad headache along with nausea and the feeling that i was going to faint along with tremors. My muscles felt nice and relaxed which was good - but i wondered if this reaction was because of the interaction of chemical change and my AVM - just wondering if anyone else has had these type of symptoms with an AVM and anti-depressants.



I've read a lot about certain depression medications not being ok for AVMs.... My therapist wants to start me on Wellbutrin....anyone know if thats ok? I asked other doctors and they are very wishy washy. My AVM is in the left pons of my brainstem.