Anybody else on Dilantin?

Just curious to know what your experiences are with it if you are. I was prescribed it after my bleed. I’m taking 100mg 3 times daily, and so far have experienced the tiredness the most (when I get in bed for the night I can become extremely restless too). Lately noticing that I’m losing a little bit more of my hair than I normally did before taking it, and slight speech problems Struggling to find a word more than normal, stuttering more than normal, and kinda saying things backward in a sense. Also takes me a bit longer to process what I’m going to say at times. Not really noticing too much of an issue with depression unless I am super tired, but only minor. I’ve always had anxiety problems, but noticed that I can get nervous a little bit after I take it for no apparent reason. Thanks!

I also was on dilantin 300 mg…after my bleed was prescribed dilantin also…Most of the time I had headaches and feel tired and depress with anxiety…Know im seen a new neurologyst…He changed meds to lamictrol 300 mg I feel much better…Good luck…God bless…

I have taken Dilantin since May 2009, 200mg in the morning and 300mg at night. It keeps me tired and I struggle for words quite a bit. Other than that it hasn’t caused me to lose any hair or be depressed. It would be nice if I could quite taking this. I have had two eeg’s since my surgery in July and they keep saying that I should continue taking it until my brian waves aren’t abnormal. I keep telling them I have had abnormal brain waves my whole life :), bit they don’t find it funny. Hope this has helped.

Been on it since early 90’s after the first bleed. I had about 2 years w/o it & now they are trying to get me off it & on some Vimpat crap, (which I refuse) due to the liver issue. The Vimpat goes thru the liver to, so go figure. No major problems other than when I first got on it I was tired. That went away. They tried to lower it recently & as I expected, 3 sz’rs w/ in a month. Back to where it should have remained & no sz’rs. If its not broken, don’t try to fix it.

I was on Dilantin 1.5 years after my bleed and craniotomy. I had similar problems to what you have said (besides the hair loss), but I still have them, even now after more than a year without Dilantin. So it could be because of your bleed.

Though, I did go through a couple times of depression, but it was not long after I left the hospital, I always thought it was just because of the impact of what I had just been through.