Anybody have almost like "hot flashes" on their head or any vision problems?

I know what a hot flash feels like–thank God I went through all that 10 years ago and I’m past it but I have an AVM surrounding my ear on the scalp, down my neck a little way and in the parotid gland on my face and I have these weird sensations of heat and wonder if anyone else does? Does any one have pain in the back of their head when they try to lay on their backs ? Has anyone ever had any vision problems? Since I was a child, everything I look at appears “shimmery” or snowy–like a TV picture with bad reception. It’s alot worse when I am reading under florescent lights. Anybody else or is it just another weird oddity about me? ; o ) Kimberly

Yes, I still experience " hot flashes " at least every few days. As for vision, I have a right field cut, so I have zero vision to the right in either eye, takes time to get used to, I have to turn my head to the right when I try to read ( so I don’t just get half of the word ) but I don’t care much for the hot flashes !!!

wow i know exactly what you are talking about. i get these hot flashes on the side of my head i had surgery. my neurologist had no explanation. i figured its nerve damage. and the visual snow i never got any sort of explanation even from an eye doctor. The funny thing is i cant remember if i had it before the surgery or not.

Hey, thanks for all of your replies. I have been to 2 eye doctors and they have no explanation for my shimmery vision–of course they don’t know much if anything about AVMs either. I had AVM surgery on the left side of my head and ever since the right eye lid has been swollen. The AVM doctor said it was just accumulated fluid because of sleeping on that side but I sleep on both sides og my head now and it’s been 2 years since surgery so I don’t think that’s right. I do feel better knowing somebody else is experiencing the head hot flashes–but not happy that you are dealing with it. Kim