Anyone from Orange County or the San Francisco area?

I live in Laguna Niguel, CA and would be interested in meeting any locals that may be on this site. I also noticed the SF AVM Awareness walk that’s coming up. I won’t be in the area for the walk, but I am going to be in SF January 30th - Feb. 1st and aside from a day of work-related stuff, I am going to have a little free-time in the area. Anyone up there interested in meeting-up? I will not have any transportation aside from BART, and will technically be in the City of Burlingame right near the airport. If anyone is interested, let me know!

I live in Orange County and we have the same Neurosurgeon! Dr. Kim performed Gamma Knife Surgery on my AVM in May 2008. I met with him last week and he told me that my AVM has decreased in size by almost 25% and that he was pleased with the progress so far. I have another MRI and CT angiogram in 5 months and am keeping my fingers crossed that the AVM will have gotten even smaller.