Anyone with an AVM on left side of brain stem?


My girlfriend's AVM ( was 40% occulded) when the aneurysm was coiled back in Oct. Rad. Neuro said he would not perform Gamma procedure, too risky. Has anyone had this done?

It is my impression that anything in the brain stem is tough to treat as there is too much 'portant stuff in that area. Not saying it isn’t treatable, just think Drs use extreme caution in that area.

Ron, KS

Hi Shelley,

My most recent surgery 3/9/10 was in the R. thalamus (located on top of brainstem) and surgery was @ Stanford Univ. by Dr. Gary Steinberg

I have cavernous malformations, CM's which are in the same vascular malformation 'family,' as an AVM, though different in structure.

Deep surgery may or may not be possible for your girlfriend, but I would encourage a 2nd opinion from Dr. Steinberg re: his suggestion of treatment.

Best wishes,


Hi Shelley. If you go to the top of this page where it says sign out you will see a search symbol. Type in brain stem and see what comes up. Certain hospitals show up here all the time. Barrow Institute…Mayo Clinic and Emory University Hospital plus Mass. General and of course the 2 you mentioned.