At last

This may be my post as my life is now on track.

Firstly I want to thank all you amazing guys for your support, compassion and wisdom.

Like many who have had brain surgery and have epilepsy and loss of vision, I cannot and never will, be able to drive.This has severely restricted my life and what I have been able to take part in, but now, thanks to support from my local social services dept, I have freedom. They have given me funding to cover travel by taxi and have set up an account with a local firm.

I had been racking my brains for a solution to the problem of transport, access to activities and freedom which is probably a common hurdle. I did not want to ask for lifts, as I didn't want people to feel pressurised or that I was a burden. I thought of advertising for a driver, but that would be a long process involving police checks and so on, I thought of putting something on Facebook (Eg, hey! such and such is on, if you are going, is there room for me? I'll contribute to petrol!) but what I really strongly wanted, for my self esteem all was independence and freedom. Of course I will never be totally 'free' as I have fatigue and have had to learn how to manage my acquired brain injury, but this is a good start.

Thanks all once again for listening

And best wishes and the best of luck on your journeys.
You can always mail me.
And never stop fighting and pushing for what you are entitled to.


Yay for you, Flower! I'm happy you have found freedom and thank for posting this discussion!

That's fantastic, Flower! You researched and now are able to do whatever you want! You certainly are a fighter.. Congratulations!

Hi Louisa,

Thanks for your post. What unites us in this forum is our shared experiences and the fact that we are all fighter. We will all keep on going and fighting make things work/better for us as individuals, whatever that may mean...

As I said, I will still be about so you are welcome to mail me.

Flower :)