Aura seizures

For the last few days I have been experiencing these auras, I feel a warm feeling rising through my head to the side of my forehead and above my eye, same side as my original AVM. It is the same feeling as when the dye is fed into the artery for the angiogram, warm and quite pleasant! when it happens I always have the same thing come into my head but can never remember about it afterwards, like it is something “locked” in my brain somewhere, it is really strange.
After about 20 seconds it is gone but I have a headache for a few hours after.
I first had these,Simple Partial Seizures I think is the proper name, before I had my 1st Tonic Clonic seizure back in 2000 when my 1st AVM bled so I hope this isn’t a bad sign?
I always thought these were similar to Petit Mal seizures which I can never remember any thing after, not a different type of seizure.
So now I have 3 different types, 1 I know when it happens and 2 I don’t.
Hope these are not permanent now as I still have a month till my Angio, but if things get worse I will have to see my GP and ask him to speed things up, hopefully it won’t come to that.
I am now thinking my original AVM may still active as I still have no definate proof it is gone, remember I was having my follow up MRI the week after my bleed from my “new” AVM so I don’t know if I have 2 AVM’s that are active or just the one. Maybe when I eventually have my angio I will ask to have all my brain looked at to look for more?

Don’t like to moan but I need answers ASAP

That is just too overwhelming to think about. And very scary too. I’m so sorry you have all of this on your plate and still a month away from your angio. You can moan all you want. Personally, I would be going back to my doctor. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying to speed things up. But is has to be the right thing for you. Take care Kevin.

Kevin, before I got diagnosed with an avm I had two episodes within a year where I had a visual aura in my eyes like these little flames going across my vision and a fuzzy feeling all around then I felt dizzy and got numbess and tingling in my arms and hands… I also had class panic attack symptoms. I got slurred speech and all around confusion, when I started to “come to” I wound up with a nasty headache and then vomiting. I told my GP about about these two attacks and she sent me to a neurologist. She thought what I had was a migraine with aura but decided to run an MRI to be safe. The MRI showed a 3cm avm on my left parietal lobe. I was then sent to a Neurosurgeon. I had two embolizations and tomorrow I have a consult with the Doctor who is going to do my radiation treatment. I am assuming that the two episodes I had were related to the mri and were symptoms. My Neurosurgeon doesn’t think they were related but when I read your post and other posts about different symptoms people have had I have to believe that the episodes were certainly related to the avm. What do you think?
Now as far as you moaning, don’t feel bad. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. If I didn’t complain to my GP then my avm may have continued to go unnoticed. I am very blessed to have found my avm proactively before a bleed. Keep moaning, it’s ok!! :slight_smile:

Rachel, I just don’t know how they can say that those symptoms were NOT related to your AVM!!! That seems crazy to me! with what we know now. If something isn’t right in your brain, it’s not happy and will respond in some way!! If an AVM can cause a full seizure, then of course it could cause what you experienced. I think the problem is that they DON’T know so much about these things and so they don’t want patients to get alarmed or panic so they downplay everything. That is just my opinion. They told my son that he had only a 1% chance of losing his hair after Gamma and he did and then I read on this site that SO many people lose their hair! Grrr… frustrating. thank goodness you knew to complain and get some answers. Good luck with your next appt. for radiation.