Avm and COVID

Hello again! Happy New year!
I wanted to ask as i did some research and found out an article that says that you have more possibilities of bleeding while infected with COVID.
I have a child that goes to school but it’s optional because of his age.Every now and then he catches something.Should i stop him from school?
When my AVM ruptured i had COVID and that’s why I’m afraid it might have caused it.Of course they were other factors that might have helped as I was working two jobs,not enough sleep etc.
What is your opinion and your experience on the matter?

Mine ruptured probably around 2 weeks after I tested positive for COVID. I’ve heard varying opinions. My neurosurgeon says ruptures can happen spontaneously and COVID didn’t cause it. Others agree though also point out there’s still not much we know about COVID and it does seem to affect blood vessels in some people.

I’ve never been as sick as I was when I had COVID. I figured if it wasn’t COVID directly, surely the physical stress my body had been through must have played some role in the AVM rupturing.

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Thank you for your response.
My neurosurgeon also said that had nothing to do with the rupture,but as you said we don’t know many things about the virus.
Was this the first time you got COVID?

Yes, it was my first time. I’ve gotten the vaccine and booster with no real issues except a really bad headache for a day. That’s it. I get COVID once and the AVM ruptured two weeks after.

Mine was the second time i got COVID.First time was way worse than the second one,i wasn’t aware i had an AVM.The second time i got it the first day of some light symptoms i had the rupture…

Hello. I had Covid as well, and didn’t know it. I had no symptoms. This was in the heart of the pandemic and before any vaccine. I was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a hemorrhagic stroke. Next morning they told me I had Covid and quarantined me in a special ICU. I couldn’t transfer to a Rehab hospital for 10 days. It was awful.
It took 3 months, 2 MRI’s and one CT scan to finally find the AVM that caused it. I also asked many Neurologists and my Neurosurgeon if Covid could have brought on the bleed, but none would or could confirm. I think it will take a very long time to know what Covid was capable of doing to our bodies. It’s likely it was a terrible coincidence. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Thank you very much for your response!
It must’ve been very terrifying especially in the beginning of the pandemic.Did you have the vaccine afterwards?

I was stunned and really in shock of every aspect of the event. I was paralyzed on right side of body. I was 55 years old. I’ve received every vaccine that’s been available to date. I just looked at my vaccine card, and that’s 8 shots since March 2021. My stroke (and covid diagnoses, was October 19, 2020). I haven’t had Covid since.

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So you didn’t have any complications with the vaccines? I’m still very skeptical about it…Are you AVM free now?

I did not have any complications. I checked with my doctor beforehand, and he said the benefit outweighed the risk. Still not free of AVM. They found it in Feb 2021. After many more tests, including angiogram, the surgeon determined I was not a candidate for surgical removal, due to the location. He sent me to Radiology Oncologist. I did stereotactic radiosurgery in June 2021. It takes 3 years to know if it worked. I have another angiogram this June to see if it’s gone. Wish me luck.


I’ve a daughter that started acting in a bizarre behavior, since the beginning of COVID and only last year Jan is when they discovered an AVM in her brain and some doctors claim that she had a bleed, but they can’t tell when exactly was the bleed, It may well be that the bleed is related to the bizarre behavior, which that behavior started in the beginning of COVID, meaning that maybe the COVID caused a rupture.

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Definitely wishing you the best of luck!
I’m in the beginning of my radiation journey and it seems a long way out…

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As it seems it has something to do at least with some of the ruptures…Do you know the location of her AVM?

Right Occipital Lobe

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I can’t say that we’ve had an increase of people joining this community since COVID became a thing, so I can’t say that I see any increase in “cause”. In fact, I’d say we have a bit lower joining rate (which I’m attributing to either me droning on much too much or perhaps to the new landing/home page making it less obvious how to join the community).

Why would you come to an conclusion that an increase/decrease in people joining the community would be an indicator to see if COVID was a cause or not? How about people just became incapable of joining the community due to their rupture and therefore there is no increase?

I’m assuming that if COVID were a new factor that drove ruptures, it was a factor that was not present prior to 2020 and therefore it might be possible to see that increase in our membership. It’s true that only “the survivors” tend to become members here, though we do also get parents, friends, children and carers of those who are very unwell or who don’t make it but unless COVID were to impact the severity of a bleed (versus just be a factor for a bleed) then you’d expect to see an increase in people signing up.

There’s no sign of such an increase. Now, whether there is a link between COVID and an AVM bleeding, I don’t know, but I can’t see an increase in membership going on, so for myself I don’t see a link.

Equally, there has been a notable decline in membership over the last 9 months or so, which could be due to completely unrelated factors – if Google were not putting the site very high up Its list of answers to searches would be the most impactful perhaps – so it might be that factor that is completely blinding me to any effect that COVID might or might not be having.

It’s ok we all share our personal opinions here we are not doctors.
@DickD the page is quite on top of the searches still that’s how I found it.
My first time with COVID i didn’t have a bleed,so I guess it’s not certain how much impact it has to AVM s…I don’t know,doctors don’t know for sure,no one knows for sure, that’s why I’m asking for personal experiences and opinions…

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I know that’s what you’re looking for. Personally, I don’t see a hard link. I guess if someone with an AVM gets COVID and they cough, the cough can provoke a bleed. A link could be as simple as that.

Wishing you all the best!


I was thinking in the direction of parent’s friends, etc.

Indeed I’m a parent myself to a daughter who has brain AVM, and while my daughter is capable to be on this forum, I choose not to share with her about this forum, as I know this forum would just scare her more than it will calm her down, and as far as I know she didn’t find this forum on her own yet, otherwise she would have share it with me. So in my case you only a parent and not a capable survivor on this forum.

Could be for example that those ruptures the occurred due to COVID were stronger and did more damage than others and therefore there are less survivors or could be that the factor that the hospitals were overcrowded while COVID (at least in NYS, caused that ruptures were not treated in a timely manner or/and by the utmost professionals and as you DickD mentioned it might be just from a simple cough.

I believe that anything in the AVM field are so uncertain, as we know with all the studies and as for the well-known reason, which is due to the fact that each and every AVM is so unique.