AVM and Post Gamma Knife Symptoms

I know this issue has been addressed in various threads before (some by me!) but I am looking for some support today. I had my gamma knife in June 2009. I am very fortunate that I have not had any seizures and am not on any medications. BUT, I have been experiencing headaches and nausea almost every day for the past few months (except when I took a four day break from work). I find that the headaches get worse with stress or when I concentrate. They also generally begin at the end of my work day after I’ve be at the office for 9+ hours (which is also when the nausea kicks in). My medical team says it’s not normal, but it’s also not a bleed. Does anyone else have such symptoms?

I must say, I’m not typically much of a new-age / homeopathic sort of person, but since these seem completely stress related you may want to try yoga, breathing techniques, and/or acupuncture. You may want to seek the help of someone who specializes in those sorts of things.

I know that it’s difficult to avoid stress, but when it’s affecting your health this much you may have to step back from stressful situations.

I had Gamma Knife (January 2010) and my neurosurgeon told me in no uncertain terms that I’m to avoid stress as much as possible because it can affect the AVM and my general health (it’s easier said than done). He always asks me about work and stress in the workplace when I talk to him. You should do what you can to keep your heart rate down. It sounds like 9+ hours is a bit too much, and it’s your body’s way of telling you to go home and relax.

Okay, seems to be related to the workday. Think about the kind of work you do. When were your eyes checked? Eye strain can make you feel sick.

I don’t get headaches with stress, but I have a lot memory problems when stressed.

I had gamma back in 2007 and experience the same things… Headaches (bad ones) when I stress or am on the computer to long, the nausea is an on and off thing. But the only difference between us is I did and some times still have seizures. I am also on seizure meds. So I dont know if its just the symptoms of the gamma (as I still have my avm) or if its from the seizures. I do not work b/c for a week or few days day i’m fine the next day or week etc i’m down with terrible headaches and can’t move. Best of luck to you!!!

Thanks everyone for your replies! I’m trying to take some steps to help with stress. (Elizabeth - I do yoga and completely believe that it helps, but sometimes my job interferes with the ability to make it to class…). Sometimes it just helps to hear that I’m not alone. I hope that we are all AVM (and symptom-free) soon!