Avm and pregnancy!

I’m 32 yers old and I’m married with a fantsic man (obviously in my opinion!;-P) and I’m relly afraid about pregnancy with our AVM (in Italy our Dr. call it ANGIODISPLASIA) because I saw a lot fo AVM getting wors with pregnancy!Someone of you had children and How was your pregnancy?And what happens after birth to your AVM?Thank for your support!Camy

Camilla, I have just returned from taking my son (Blake) to school and prayed about what I could say to comfort you. He is 14yrs old and I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. He has brought so much enjoy to my life and I am glad I went against my doctor’s wishes. I have been told since the age of 13 not to have children. My pregnancy was when I was 28 and the first 5 months were normal and it was into my 7 month that I had limited time on my feet. I did hemorrhage during this time and was kept under close watch by a high-risk speciallist for the remainder of the pregnancy. My local doctor wanted to amputee and that is when I discover Yakes in 1998. Today, I sit here with my leg and recovery from embolization # 27. It truly has been a hard road to travel but I am reaping such rewards. I can say that support hoses for my leg was necessary to comfort me and I continue to wear them today. Please me let know if I can help you with any questions. Praying for you!

You are really an angel thank you for your lovley support and for your prayer…your ansewer were very exhaustive and the only thing I could do now is pray God!Unfortunatly our disease is something obscure and ervery Dr. hasn’t answere to give us…we havo only to pray and have faith!Tahnk you very much!I’m so happy for you child…he has a real great mother!

I had 5 miracle babies before finding out that I had a Pelvic AVM!

My heart raced more with the girls than with my son. I dont know if the sex of the baby is significant or not. The last one was very painful. I had troubles with most of them getting contractions to start. A very light dose of Pitocin is all it took. Even so, I would not change a thing. I cant imagine knowing you have an AVM before having a baby. That would add to worries. I will pray too.

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I had three babies before being diagnosed with a brain AVM. Two natural births and one C-section. I was anemic with my last baby but as far as I know it’s unrelated. Best wishes :slight_smile:

Go for it !!! I had 5 healthy/beautiful babies before my intercranial AVM ruptured during my 6th pregnancy; well,hell I was 40 by that one! Doc said it was due to blow anyways! It was the age not the pregnancy that was the main problem!

Good Luck!

We had two kids prior to Chari knowing the AVM existed. Each natural childbirths. I think a lot of the risks as a result of an AVM are related to elevated blood pressure in Mom during delivery. Chari has naturally low BP anyway, so don't know if that helped or not.

I suspect many here have become pg after knowing they have an AVM. I would speak to a specialist. You might plan for a C-section to minimize the risks.

Best wishes,

Ron, KS

Hi there :)

When I was 17 some of the AVMs in my cerebellum hemorrhaged, it was really bad. I was in the hosp for 6 months and had 2 cranies during that time. Took me almost 2 years to relearn to walk and see straight etc. Fast forward abo 7 yrs and I was pregnant.... and scared out of my head. I was told I would most likely never get pregnant because I also had another surgery during my 6 month vacation, they removed most of my ovaries. Anyhoo, there I was pregnant! I knew I had to tell my Neuro and just like I thought, he wanted an MRI on my and my unborn child- loverly. I was 7 months pregnant when I finally called him, he wasn't happy. Well, my child looked great. Me not so much. I felt fine but they had missed some vessels or some had grown, they still don't know how that works yet. My Son's Csec delivery went wonderfully but when he was 4 months old I had another cranie (this time planned) to get the bad vessels out before they too popped. I was in the hosp for 5 days and recovery was about 3 weeks.

My son is now 19 and my Daughter is 15 :)

When my husband and I decided we really wanted another child 4 yrs later I did it the right way, called the Dr first. Had the MRIs, artereograms, and all that BEFORE we tried.

I'm now hanging on to my last few months of my 42nd year and I don't think I would have changed a thing. Cept the whole broken brain thing.

TOTALLY worth it!

Good luck and God Bless!