AVM before, during and after

I would like to start a blog, because when I had my AVM there was one book to read and that was it and I think a lot of people are like I was, with a lot of questions. Hoping that my story will help someone out there. Not sure if I should do it on here or facebook or Wordpress. I would like to post pictures too. Please tell me what you think. It would be for everyone who has had an AVM or Stroke since AVM has stroke like symptoms.

Hi jami, I just reviewed your profile and my first AVM burst in May of 2011. My brother had the book My Stroke of Insight sent to me about a brain scientist who endures an AVM rupture at age 37. Then I read 4 other books about AVM survivors including two by two of our members. I will be interested to read the replies to this blog. Best wishes to you and I plan to read about your experience.

I think it’s a great idea, Jami! I’ll leave the advice on the details to those in the know (I can relate to the chisel and tablet crowd), but I look forward to reading it. Best of luck!