Avm bleed recovery

How long will it take to see again, and walk? Bleed was in the brainstem back in feb

Hi Eric, my husband had a bleed in his Cerebellum/brainstem last April. We are frustrated as he is still unable to walk with a walker completely unassisted. He also struggles with double vision and nystagmus which is why he isn’t on this site because it’s so hard for him to read. Progress is happening but it’s slow.

I did not have a bleed but had a stroke prior to my avm and could not walk- My stroke was in my thalamus and impacted my left side. I was 43 hopefully the person is young cause recovery tends to be better.
I think it took me about 2 to 3 months to start to be able to stand and wobble
Then I think at 4 months I could take a shower by myself.

I went back to work pt 13 months later and then full time 17 months later

My husband gave me turmeric and coconut oil daily and this seemed to help in my recovery


If you don’t mind me asking was the turmeric in pill form? How did you take the coconut oil???

at first I was taking turmeric in the pill form 2x a day and my husband was putting coconut oil in my tea 1 tsp to start and worked up to 3 x day

But recently I read this article and it looks like taking the powder with some pepper is better for you so I am doing to spice 1/8 of tsp in my tea with pepper every day


I know this spice is used daily in Indian cuisine and they dont have the dementia issues we have in the states

Coconut oil actually brought my bad cholesterol down and my HDL up-
We also switched to Kerrys Gold Irish Butter made from cows who only eat grass

We only cook either with coconut oil, olive oil, or the Kerry Gold Butter

If I am traveling I use coconut pills just easier and less hassle


Thank you so much for the info!

My brain AVM I went blind for a month and paralyzed on the right side of my body for 2 months but my bleed was on the left side of my brain in the parietal and temporal lobes. I hope the best for you and it will be a long hard rode to recovery but you'll get threw it. My injury was back in 2000. I had therapy up till 2002 but to this day its a lot better so wish the best of luck.

Hi Eric, I can imagine that this is a very frustrating time for you and your family, The only person who can give you "real" advice on this question is your doctor as they know your case better than anyone else, But as you may have seen already from others responses it seems common after a bleed in this area of the brain to have your symptoms, One thing I can say about the brain in general is that it takes a long time to heal, I had a bleed also and then further surgery to remove the AVM, I'm still not 100% yet but close to it and this is with setting very small goals and focusing on the very small changes that I notice, I think that sleep is one of the keys to recovery as this is when your brain can work on repairing itself rather than just trying its best to operate. If you aim long then I'm sure you will hit the targets you set.