Avm commercials?

so i was driving the other day, going to some stores and i hear this commercial on the radio, its some guys singing with another guy talking, guess what they are selling…gamma knife…at the place i had mine done at, the illinois center for gamma knife or something like that.
to be honest i was kinda disturbed, the guys sings were all merry and the guy talking was so upbeat even while rattling off the conditions gamma knife can treat (including avms…)
idk, does this bother anyone else? or has anyone else encountered this??

Hello Jessica. No I have not heard or seen commercials for gamma knife or avm…What manner of happy song can there possibly be for these conditions and treatments ? I don’t know young lady…Perhaps because we are too close to the issue(s) we can’t appreciate the positive side of advertising the treatment ?? No. Even reaching for the most positive out-look I can’t get there…

Hi Jessica! They broadcast commercials for GK also here for the hospital that treats Jaclyn. We also hear the commercials on the news only radio station for Philadelphia. I think it’s VERY exciting that AVM if FINALLY getting the attention it deserves. Unfortunatley, they do portray it as though it’s a ‘painless’ procedure which I don’t agree with (especially for a child) but it’s a start to help get the awareness out there.

Whare I live they also have a commercial on tv ,talking about their new Cyberknife treatment being a painless treatment for cancer and other unoperatable things . I have to say Cyber was totaly painless .I can’t believe they would sing a song ,that might bother me too .

I don’t have a problem with advertising the procedure but I think it should be done in a professional and tactful manner. Having guys singing merrily in the background and an upbeat narrator seems more appropriate for selling a trip to Jamaica or a trip to the Carribian.
AVM’s and all of the other conditions that Gamma Knife can be used to treat are serious matters. I haven’t heard any ads but I would be disturbed if I heard a commercial for a GK center that seemingly minimized the conditions.
I would suggest calling the center or sending them an e-mail and telling them that you are a patient there, heard their ad on the radio and felt that it was offensive. They may not realize that their commercial could be bothersome.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention - usually I tune out commercials on the radio and on TV but I’ll be paying attention now … and I’m so curious as to what ads are out there I think I’ll check out you tube and see if I can find any commercials!

Almost sounds to me like this is the type of medical group that beleives they can finx anything and everything. Fact of the matter is, there’s only so much that GK can do, as I’m sure most of us on this forum realize. But I’d say that as long as they are NOT making false promises and getting people’s hopes up, then go right ahead and advertize.