Avm free!

I am now AVM Free!!! Very blessed!!! Went in Aug 22 for Embolization! Then was 2nd case Aug 23 for REMOVAL! I was wide awake after with most of my vision loss in right eye gone. Woke up the next morning with most of my vision back! Was expected to be in ICU 2 days after removal I was in for one night. Was expected to be in reg room for a week was in for 2 1/2 days. I DO NOT have to have ANY therapy. The Emory Hospital in Atlanta and staff is AMAZING! Dr. Barrows team along woth Dr. Colley (spelling?) are life savers

Super hurrah!!! This is fantastic news!!!

Might I add I also shaved off my LONG brown hair the night before I went in and it was like releasing stress. Highly recommend it :slight_smile:

Woo hoo…I love the word obliterated! We have a sub-group here called Success Stories …
I think you should join it!

I just LOVE hearing this and am so very happy for you!!! Another AVM gone - bye bye :)))!!!


Congratulations! So very happy for you!

Now that is exciting news! Congratulations on such a successful procedure.

What exciting news!!! So happy for you!

Congratulations! Happy for you :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Mrs. Dodson! Isn’t it a great feeling??? I’m so happy for you! Yehhhhhhh!

Yeah! I am so happy for you!

Woo hoo!

Take care,

Im sooo happy for you!!! Congratulations!!

Thanks for sharing your very positive outcome. I am very happy for you! This is very uplifting for me since I go to the docs tomorrow to discuss my treatment options.


Way to go!!! Soooo happy for you. :slight_smile: :::::: doing the Snoopy dance :::::::

Congratulations, Mrs. Dodson! Wonderful news!


Great to read that. Id’ love to say the same!!! God bless you:)

that’s great news :slight_smile: congrats!!!

This is really good news. It’s so amazing to hear good things like this. This is a great start of your new life as an AVM free. I know and understand how you feel, my daughter was avm free for more than a month now. Have a good life! Enjoy and be happy :slight_smile: