Avm freeee



I had a craniotomy in March to remove my 2.5 frontal lobe AVM- And my angio last Friday showed it’s all gone!!!

Recovery has gone amazing I am near enough back to my old self :smiley:

My surgeon Dr Bulters in Southampton was amazing and my scar is barely visible it’s really tricky to find (He didn’t even shave my hair as he knows how much I love it haha)

Above is the picture of before and after

Natalie xxxx



That’s the best before-and-after pic I’ve ever seen! Looks beautiful!

I’m really pleased for you that it’s gone so well and you got through it ok. We told you you’d be ok, didn’t we?

Well done! :clinking_glasses::champagne:


Is it?! That’s amazing- I have never seen one before (my AVM looks bigger than 2.5cm) he did do such a great job :grinning:

Yes you did - thank you for all your support through my journey!! I hope you are well too :grin:


That is great news, and yes a beautiful after picture! Take Care, John

The other thing that’s interesting about your before and after pictures is how the blood is now flowing through the top of your brain – exactly where it should. When you had the AVM – the short cut to a big sinus vein, you can’t see any flow through the arteries that are now apparent in the top of your brain, so you can see that the AVM was stealing flow away from those parts of your brain.

Fascinating. And I’m so pleased for you.


congratulations that is awesome

Congrats Natalie, I have an AVM in the frontal right lobe, they found it when I was 25 and didn’t help me at all, I am now 55 and I am just starting the feeling the ice pick in my head, I too have a brain tumor in my cerebral in the front, the dr’s said my veins in my head are very large, I don’t know what to do, but I am really happy for you. I have a pic of my AVM and tumor, and you can see how large the veins in my head are. I will get my phone and sign in and upload it :heart:

Wonderful news!

Hi Natalie, what wonderful news to share with us all. Thankyou. Welcome to the AVM obliterated society!! Absolutely delighted for you .
Ps. I too heard similar good news 6 months ago after a 6 year wait .
Let’s keep praying for all our other AVM-ers That they too get obliterated soon​:pray:t3::wink: