Avm on the left cheek

My AVM growing started from 5 years ago, I am 25 years old now but I didn’t do any action and until now its getting bigger. I had met specialist and the only chance to cure this by do a surgery but I refuse because I would like to try in naturally way cure it. Is there anyone of you got an opinion to support me by do a surgery/ radiation, or go for diet/ take medicine or any suggestion what steps should I take?

There is simply no diet, supplements, exercise, etc that can change how your blood vessels are arranged.

What steps should I take then?

Well I’d start by listening to what your docs have to say (check it out of course, ther is lots of opinions/approaches) I don’t know the specifics of your AVM or what problems its causing (if any) or what would happen if it progresses or bleeds. That being said the most common type of facial AVM is a close relative of a Port wine stain, or Strawberry hemangiomas (or other hemangioma) meaning their primary effect is mostly limited to cosmetic.

You might want to check with a plastics guy or dermatologist. They have a number of strategies to deal with it. PDL is most common. Since the effective depth of penetration of a pulsed dye laser (PDL) is minimal the whole area will heal up with virtually no sign it was ever there. Of course depending on its size you could ignore it or cover it up with cosmetics.