AVM right shoulder,chest and arm

Hi my name is Teresa with AVM on my right shoulder, chest and arm. I’m a patient of Dr. Yakes in Denver.

Hi Teresa,

Welcome to AVM Survivors! How are you doing? I assume you’ve got a clear diagnosis, and I’ve heard a lot of Dr Yakes, but are you still doing angiograms to decide on treatment or you’ve got a care plan or have you had any treatment yet?

I assume your AVM is most similar to an “extremity” AVM – the same treatments as for an arm, or leg or hand or foot might apply. I’ll add you to the @Extremity group but do look into the Extremity section (scroll down the home page) for people with AVMs in those areas.

Any questions about your treatment, next steps, what to expect from an angiogram, just ask.

Very best wishes. It’s great to have you with us,


Glad to join the group. I have been looking for years for patients like myself to have conversations about treatments or other experience. I had been doing my treatments for the past 7 years with Dr. Yakes but due to the distance from my home I found Mayo Clinic in Phoenix that does the same procedure. I’ve been trying to see some reviews of Dr. Chong in Phoenix.

Hello! I have had 3 treatments with Dr Yakes and 2 of them I got infections. Did this ever happen to you? I’m so scared to go back now. Also my AVM is in my right hand and I never had numbness previous to my most recent procedure and now I have thumb and pointer finger numbness.

I had the same experience on my last treatment and had stop for 5 years because of this. My right hand thumb and pointer is also numbed. They are blaming it as a carpal tunnel. I had to go to therapy to regain my functions on my right hand. I also got hospitalized here in Vegas from the last treatment because of a possible blood clot. Doctors here tried to get in touch with Dr. Yakes to fill them in with the treatment I got but there is totally no support from them. In short, if there is any complications your pretty much on your own.

I have a facial vascular malformation. I went septic after my first treatment in Sept. 2006 and nearly died…that being said, I have had 8 or 9 procedures now (I lost count), from Dr. Yakes. I do not live in CO, so I usually go once a year-ish. I have had a myriad of side effects and issues including Bells Palsy, twice, as well as a bout of tissue necrosis after an aggressive treatment, but do not blame my physician. I would be much worse off, had I not sought treatment. Vascular malformations are a wild and rebellious bunch, I do understand your hesitancy to seek treatment again. Nothing is assured, complications are always a risk. There is no easy answer or solution to complications and side effects of treatment. I wish you a speedy recovery.