AVM Rupture and Birth Control Pills

Erin’s thread titled ‘AVM Procedures and Menstruating’ made me think of something I’ve wondered about for a long time now. Maybe some of you have some thoughts or information about this.

Through my adult life I had never used birth control pills, but then at the age of 44 my gynecologist wanted me to take them to regulate my cycle (even though I'd only had a couple of irregular cycles). 4-5 months later, whamo, the rupture occurred.

I've never had the opportunity to ask my neurologist or neurosurgeon if there could be a connection, and the reason I'm curious about whether there could be a connection is because of the risks of stroke and heart problems associated with birth control pills.

Have any of you been told anything by your Drs., or read or heard about a possible connection between birth control pills and the possibility of an AVM (or aneurysm) rupturing?

I know that the stokes associated with birth control pills are not hemorrhagic…they are cause by clots…i used to use birth control pills, but my bleed happened after I had been off them for about 2 years. Since the bleed, I have not gone back on. i plan on asking my doctor at the next visit if they are safe or not, so I will let you know when I find out.

all I know is I was told not to use them after I was diagnosed at age 38 and I used to always use them

After my son was born, I was told by my gyno that I could only take the depo shot reason being that birth control pills would cause my seizure meds. not to work. As far as rupture I’ve never heard anything, interesting, although the ads do say something to the affect of age and stroke? Hoping, someone else knows. Sorry, I’m no help!!!
Take Care

Thanks for your responses ladies.

Rachel, it’s interesting that after you were dx you were told not to use them.

Mary Kate - thanks, I would definitely appreciate your passing on what your Dr. has to say about it.

The next time I see a gyn I’m going to ask about it. I’ve gone into menopause during the time since my rupture, so I don’t have to be concerned about needing to take the pill again. But I’m still very interested in whether or not there could be an added risk for women with AVM or aneurysm.

I would think that it would stand to reason that if there is a risk of stroke with some birth control that anyone with AVM or aneurysm might need to be concerned that there could be an added risk. I’ve been doing research online, but have not been able to find any definitive information regarding AVM/aneurysm and birth control. I’ll keep looking though.

My doc told me the same thing as Sheila. I shouldn’t use them because of the seizure meds I am on. Also when my AVM was discovered I was on Nuva Ring and they told me in the hospital to not use it anymore because of the increase the chances of developing blood clots. My obgyn suggested an IUD it has no hormones to effect meds. He did say however if I hadn’t had any children yet he wouldn’t recommend it. However, he did say that since I have had 2 children and my uterus has been toughened up it would be a great and effective birth control that wouldn’t have any hormonal side effects.

My neurologist will not allow me to go on birth control pills because of my AVM. He wants to wait until all of my tests are complete. He never really said why, but it may be because of the connection with blood clots and how that may affect the AVM? I’ve always been curious about that as well.