AVM Rupture

My mom was found on the floor of her room after a few minutes of we assume of the rupture.

We called 911 and she was able to give them her name and date of birth by the time we got to the hospital she was no longer talking.

We assumed it was a stomach bug because she was found with throw up.

Only to be told by kaiser after a CT they’re showing a brain bleed so we figured she hit her head after fainting but it was the AVM

They said they didn’t have a neurologist on site so they had to send her via a critical care nurse in ambulance to Pomona valley hospital.

Once she arrived Via ER they informed us they would be doing an embolization of the AVM they notified us they only stoped 75% of the blood and wanted to wait for the neurosurgeon he said he couldn’t have the doctor remove anymore because he then wouldn’t be abie to remove the AVM

On 11/27/23 Dr young from Pomona Valley removed the AVM after 8 hr surgery

So my mom is still on a tracheotomy ventilator with no movement to her right side only left but it’s minimal

She still has the drain and her ICP has been at (14) with it closed

She opens her eyes and reacts to pain but I’m scared that this is going to be her forever.


Hi @Peachyfelly

I want to encourage you that it’s going to take some time for your mum to come round from what she’s going through. So the main thing you’ll do well to do is to relax a bit and allow yourself to know it’s likely going to take much longer than you’d like. It doesn’t sound like she’s very well and the bleed will have done some damage, maybe a lot of damage but we have a bunch of people here who have gone through some of the same stuff and have got back to being better. It doesn’t always work out well but we certainly have folk here who have gone through similar troubles.

Welcome! Please consider us friends and feel free to ask anything you like. The idea is that we can share our experience (and there’s a wealth of it here) but none of us are doctors: we can’t advise on what to do but we can share our own experience. I’ve been reading people’s stories on here for the last 7 years, so I can probably share some of that knowledge if it might help.

Like I say, welcome and please feel free to ask anything you like.

Very best wishes,


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Sorry to hear about your mother & this unfortunate situation… It is a slow but steady recovery so please be patient & be strong for her as it will definitely be felt on her end as she goes through this.

I know this really sucks but try & take some positives like the fact she was found after a bleed, which could of been much more worse or even fatal… please keep us posted on her recovery as we are here for you… God bless!

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@Peachyfelly Hello and so glad you found this group. I am so sorry this happened to your mom and this is very scary for you and your mom. I am also in California but up by Stanford. My AVM story actually started first by getting five blood clots in my brain and having a massive stroke and going into a coma. I had brain damage and could not talk or walk when I woke up about a week later. I was healthy , low bp and great cholesterol . Its true you can hear when you are in a coma and I was in constant pain ( apparently some nurses were stealing pain meds then which I witnessed when I woke up one day) Anyway my husband each day would tell me what happened. I was going to physical therapy speech therapy and I was very tired. My husband let me sleep as much as I wanted and as soon as I could start walking then he would have me get the mail ( we have a long drive way) then we went on walks.
At first I felt like a big burden but then I said I am going to accept this new situation and strive to get back to the old Angela as much as I can .I would always see people worse than me at Stanford and I was lucky to be alive and able to get some words out even if sometimes they are the wrong words. It can take some adjusting esp if your mom is like me and used to not saying No to people. I did my PT at home every day even thought I hated it I called it Physical Torture. I basically think I just have to do it for the rest of my life because my left side is so weak from the strokes.
I had another one during my first angio/embolism.
There are caregiver support groups and each county has an older adult program and disability program - your mom might qualify for some free services once she is home.
Get copies of your moms medical records is one thing I can suggest I think many times dr think they told us something but didnt but its in the notes of the record.


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Thoughts go out to you and your family and especially your mother. :heart: Hang in there