AVM Science Project Need Help!

Hello guys; I was sent by school to make a science project that can be beneficial financially; but in my opinion it should be for society itself.
What’s my project?
"could gamma radiation Cause beneficial mutations?
I’d love to raise awareness through this project, and I think I can cause a big impact; if I get several replied I can present this to my teacher; since she says it’s too much work or I could never get the people to study this; I’d need operation dates details and etc; everything in a very big time window over a year. Thank you for reading; please reply with your thoughts.

Jpico99 - Good for you!
I did not have gamma but I am sure people on here would help you-
You might want to write a post with Gamma in the title so you get more responses.
You might even try contacting Stanford to get some ideas they created cyber knife and have a great avm neuro surgeons
Good luck

How old are you and what level of schooling? Thank you.

Jacob has had Gamma Knife Twice now...He was 8 and we had radiation two months after bleed. Then in 2015 he had a second bleed at 17 and two months after bleed he had Gamma Knife again. Only the second time they said he had gained a aneurysm and now has a cluster of AVM's at that site. Need more info let me know! Good Luck.