Avm survivor t-shirts

hi everyone, my mom's birthday is coming up and i want to give her a personal t-shirt.

i've seen ones that say 'i'm an avm survivor!' or 'i fought avm and won!' but i cant find one for a child or mom of an avm survivor. can you tell me where i can find t-shirts that say something like:

'my son survived brain surgery'

'my son is an avm survivor'

proud mom of a brain surgery survivor'

i know its super cheezy to give her that, but i think it would be nice for her.

please let me know if you know where i can get one - thanks!


Hi Ashok. You may want to contact Scott Orn about this project. He had some ideas about t-shirts back in Dec!!!

Have you thought of making your own?

That would be like giving your mom a hug everytime she wore it!

I think you have a lucky mom!

THANKS GUYS! i went to www.cafepress.com and made my own - what a great site, you can design a t-shirt with text and graphics! hope she likes it lol

 Hi Ashok.  I don't think it's 'cheezy' at all.   I think it's a great idea.   I believe your mother will wear it with pride.   (I often wondered where they got there t-shirts too)

We want to see it so be sure and take a pic of your Mom wearing it on her Birthday!!!