AVM symptoms? Internal vibration / quiver / tremor

Hi all. I have a brain AVM which has not yet been treated (no bleeds).

I generally suffer from headaches but recently have started experiencing a sensation of an internal vibration, a sort of quivering / tremor inside of my body. I feel it in my head, arms and legs.

It’s an odd feeling and when its happening and I describe it to someone they say “but you’re not shaking”, because I do not physically shake.
Yet I can feel it running through me.

Does anyone else with an AVM suffer from internal vibrations / internal tremors?


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Welcome! It’s great that you found us!

You’re the second person to mention a somewhat internal tremor in the last couple of weeks. I remember @Olive was telling us about her situation:

Perhaps more often people have a rather more obvious physical tremor. You two are the first ones I remember describing something more internal. I’m glad to be able to introduce you.

Very best wishes,



I worked on the phones before my AVM diagnosis in march 2021. I noticed when people with high pitched voices or deep pitched, the front part of my brain felt like it would vibrate like a subwoofer ,with the voice. Since I’ve had gamma knife it very rarely happens anymore. Sounds wierd but that’s what it felt like.


I experienced hyperacusis for a while, that is the sensitivity to some sounds. It basically caused pain, so quite different vs. a vibration feeling. I did a few quick checks with the fearsome Dr. Google, and found a few items, basically referring to tremors, and there is a lot of info. Might be worth a look, but the usual google research warning exists! Take Care, John


I had my AVM embolized almost 2 years back - what you mention, is what I just experienced for the first time - I was up late & all the sudden I kept getting these weird quivers. I seriously didn’t think anything of em, till I seen your thread right now.

It was so odd, I have never experienced anything like it. It felt like almost full body shakes, but I wasn’t shaking - from what I can tell.

This was the 1st time, I have ever experience anything like it. As always, I just brushed it off on a hard long day.


Hello EllaB.

Has your Neuro mentioned anything about seizure activity?
Are the tremors on one OR both sides of your body?

Just wondering as pre and post treatment, feelings/seizures of this type were similar for me.

I was put on a prophylactic seizure med before

I wish you well on your journey and feel better soon.


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Hi Ella,

I experienced the same thing. AVM is on left parietal. I always felt the internat tremor when I lay down and even woke me up from my sleep though I also experience whole body shaking and essential tremors on both arms occassionally. I thought that it is just a one day occurence and caused by caffeine ( i had matcha time at that time) but I was having it like every night. I went to see the Neurologist and he didnt labelled it as anciety, he told me it could be nerve activities. He prescribed Magnesium bisglycinate and Vit B2, so far it did’t have those internal tremors anymore and less and none at all shaking of arms. Ask your doctor about it.

On the side note, I had the SRS/cyber knife and still have the external tremors but not as bad as before.

Hope all will be well with us.