AVM Update - 2016

Carlos had a 7 hour surgery to resect his AVM last Friday… the circumference was around the size of a tennis ball near his temple, it had a huge leg going down to his jaw and another one crossing his face reaching his nose. They said it was starting to travel inward towards his cranium, and grown quite large, so we were lucky to intervene when we did.
we first had a glue embolization that filled/hardened the AVM prior to resection. They also tried something new, called slushy - which they combined glue with bleomycin before inserting into the AVM. This keeps the drug within the vein instead of flowing away giving it an opportunity to shrink the malformation from within.
Here are our pics - Carlos is healing nicely - so grateful to Dr. Richter of Arkansas Children’s, Dr. Amole of UAMS who did the glue embolization and their excellent team.


God Bless! I pray all goes well!

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Carlos, Hey buddy how you feeling, doin ok? Your gonna be alright, you will get better, We are all praying for you and your family,. You take it easy and give yourself some time to heal, your gonna be bigger and stronger than ever, give it time, we love you buddy : )


Stay strong Carlos! You stay strong too Ana! Prayers to you from my family and I.

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Thank you for your kind words and prayers. We really appreciate them!

Carlos was getting a little nervous this afternoon - I shared your comments with him to give him strength. Thank you.

Good to hear everything is slowly working out… God bless!

well it has been 3 months since surgery and his face is starting to swell again… called the doctor - scheduling surgery in 90 days… sigh.

Facial swelling - Dec 2016

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