Avm wont go away

hi 6 years ago i choice radiaton over surgery the dr. office told me monday that i need to go back in and have radiaton done again they haven't said how much it shrunk. and this is rare indeed for someone to have to have it done again..

Hi Sherry...I was told from the start that the first radiation might not work and I would have to have more..I was totally surprised when they told me 2 years after my first set of radiation, that my AVM was gone..So I don't think it is rare that you have to have it again. Keep the Faith!

thank you for the reply at least i no now..

Hey, I don't think it is very rare if you go thou and read some of the stories. I chose crani and am now AVM free as of 6 months ago, a few side affects, but a least it is gone.
Best of luck with your next treatment

Kia Kaha ( stay strong)