I was wondering what symptoms can indicate the avm's may be becoming unstable, Ashliegh has been feeling unwell all week, tireness headaches etc.

She went to her friends to stay over last niter, and told me she had suddenlt felt very ill, could not talk for a brief period, bad headache and was unble to do anything for about 20 mins, then began to feel better. She also says for the past few days she has not been able to concentrate, eg when watching the tv does not really take in what is on but just stares at the screen.

I never know what to worry about or if I'm over reacting. she has two avm's a small on in the perital lobe near the motor stripe and a bigger one in the posterior fossa. It so unfair our kids have to sduffer like this.


suzy xxxx

Sue, My heart goes to you - I really mean that. I don'y have any kids of my own. But, I know what I go through as an adult....I can't imagine watching my own child go through it.

I think you should inform her doctor of this. In my opinion... this is something to be concerned about. You are not over reacting at all! For now, it may be better for her to rest a lot and just take it easy for a while. If it helps: when I get like this - A full day of rest and being a couch potato helps me, and the next day i feel much better.