AVM's and Hormones Replacements

I am wondering if there is anyone that has dealt with this issue. I have been on bio-identical hormones for over six years and have been having problems for about the last 4 months. Is there anyone who is on a replacement and has it effected your AVM/VM?

Hello Elizabeth'

I was on HRT for a number of years before I found out that I had an AVM. Fortunately for me, I had finished taking HRT before surgery, so I'm afraid I can't really help you. I did though find out that the best HRT for me (after years of trial and error) was the one that was put into my tomach and used only when my body needed it. I'm sorry that I cannot remember the procedures name due to memory problems.

I have no idea if the HRT had any effect on my AVM or not; I DO know that this procedure did help my body deal with this issue. Of course we are all different, so I would have a chat to your doctor and see if he has any ideas on this .

All the very best to you.

Hi Elizabeth,

I avoided getting on any kind of hormone treatment for a long time because I was concerned about any possible affect it might have on my AVM or aneurysm. But both my neurosurgeons and GYN thought it should be alright, so I started BHRT about five months ago.

The hormones have done a lot to alleviate hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, and so far there doesn't seem to be any negative affects regarding the malformations. The GYN told me from the start that she didn't want me to be on the hormones for more than a year, and even though I don't remember exactly why, I don't believe it had anything to do with the malformations.

You didn't say if your problems are related to your AVM or something else, but if it the problems are hormone related only, could it be that your dosage just needs to be adjusted after such a long time?

If you're still needing the hormones, I hope you'll be able to figure out what's causing your problems. But mostly, I hope you aren't having any adverse affects due to the BHRT on the AVM.

Let us know how you do, okay?