AVMs in Kentucky

Are you in the State of Kentucy and have or have had an AVM?
We would like to talk with you.

Shannon has been Diagnosed with an AVM in the Central portion of her Brain on the Left side and it is quite large (4.7cm x 3.8cm x 2.6cm and she is being treated currently at the University of Louisville and the Brown Cancer Center in Louisville Kentucky.

We would like to hear from all that have been treated here whether the results are good or bad. we wish to hear all opinions from all that have them.

This is the life of My Heart, My Soul and My Life.


Thank you in Advance and God Bless
Bob and Shannon

This link show everyone in KY.

Hello. I live in northern KY and am working with the University of Cincinnati Neuroscience Institute and Mayfield Clinic for my care. I am scheduled for a craniotomy on July 15th to remove my dural AVF. I’m sure Shannon is in good care, but should you need or desire a second opinion, keep UC and Mayfield in mind. It’s very scary, I know, but hang in there. God bless.

I was treated at U of K but I live in Louisville, My doctor in Louisville sent me there because they are the only Gamma Knife in Ky at that time and thought was a good candidate for that type of treatment. I would assume Brown and U of L is good. I do know the surgery center is good at U of L, my son had another type of surgery there and we where pleased with them.
I am so sorry you are one of us now, but as time goes on you will feel much better.