Bad headaches an red eye

My daughter is having bad headaches every day or every other day. This morning she woke up with a red eye an pain from it. I need to know what r some things to stop her headaches. The meds r not working anymore.

Anitra, is she seeing a neurologist or a pain specialist? A pain specialist should have other strategies to offer besides drugs. Also, we have a headaches subgroup that you may wish to check out -- just click on Groups at the top of the page to find it. Do ice packs help at all?

Anxiety can cause these types of headaches and an anti-anxiety tablet or relaxation techniques can improve or eliminate them. With the red eye though...I would be going back to the doctor as it really needs to be considered what is the cause of the headache before appropriate treatment can be done.

Hi Anitra, I find myself asking the same questions as Madere, I suffer daily also from headaches and my doctor recently increased my dosage of migraine prevention type meds and this has helped me loads. Also I find the best thing is relaxation, Learning to relax and how to relax is good, Also make sure I get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water. I found sitting in a shower which is hot hitting the back of my neck while relaxing and breathing correctly is great and when I get out I just want to go for a nap :) , But as a father of 3 young boys and a full time worker I don't get much time to sleep these days except at night. Last night I work at 04:00 with a headache so took meds and tried to get back to sleep but didn't and this meant having a long day today working and a headache most of the day also. But I hope this helps please remember to ask the doctor before "trying" any medication that you may think will help her. Hope your Daughter is feeling better soon.


Look up cluster headache. Waking up with a "red watery eye" is one of the symptoms.
I have them for a month +- every couple years or so. It is the worst pain I have EVER felt.
I take Imitrex (Sumatriptan 100mg) And it only works sometimes. I stay in a very dark very cool room,
and drape a wet hand towel with a bag of ice rolled up inside around my neck
I am sending positive energy her way.