Big news

sorry I haven’t been really active I’ve gone back to school I am taking two classes in two different community colleges a college success class and an adaptive gym class which is just mainly me working out boo yah how’s urrybody been?

Hi Legrady,
That is great news !!! I’m glad to here that you are doing better and back in school. YEAH !!!


That’s great. Boo yah.

thank you everyone My final goal is to be a speech language pathologist so that requires a lot of schooling everyone please keep their fingers and whatever else you got crossed thank you.

LOL LeGrady I now have everything crossed for you - very hard to walk!
Well done you, keep keeping on.

Great news! It is obvious that you have come a long way in this battle. Just keep at it!

just keep at it riggghhht that’s the hardest part.