btw guys --

i celebrate my 11th anniversary of my AVM brain hemorrhage, which left me with bisected blindness, epilepsy, destroyed hearing, transient amnesia, perm. spatial confusion, and metal staples permanently clamping the ends of veins and arteries inside my brain.

since the doctors said i clinically died for 98 seconds at that moment, i count it as my 2nd birthday (i got two lives for price of one) -- so im now 11 years-old. it's gonna be my 11th birthday!

and like any 11 year-old i accept balloons and cakes, so be sure to send some lol

duh i forgot to mention the day: its MARCH 17, st. paddy’s day :slight_smile:

Congratulations!!! you are right is like you were reborn, once again my friend congratulations and wish you the best on you new life… you are definitely a survivor…

thanks for the kind words anabel, they mean a lot. it’s exciting to be an 11 yr old again … especially one who shaves! lol

Well…besides all that you answer to the nickname LUCKY. I am very glad you are still with us! Happy 11th Birthday!

aw, thanks! you're gonna make me cry -- my brain hemorrhage has made me sappy lol

If one of the ladies will make a cake, I’ll bring the ice-cream. Okayyy… A present too. :slight_smile:

Happy 11th! I’ve got an 11 year old daughter and wow is she a pain in as* sometimes! Boys always are much easier during these years. Congrats on another year.

Happy 11th! Keep the Faith!