I was wondering if I should mention this birthmark? /spot I had when I was a baby to the neuro surgeon.
My brain avm is on the right side of my brain and this spot was on the left.

I’d say always mention a birthmark.

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I second that .
I had the same one, on top of my head, as a young child and it disappeared around 3 years old. It was quite big and raised. My mom had to be very careful brushing my hair so as not to catch my “strawberry” as we called it. I still have a birthmark on my cheek (coffee stain this one is called :rofl:) - during my first appointment my vascular surgeon said there is a link between birthmarks and AVMs and he sent me for genetic testing. I have a pelvic AVM so location of my birthmarks were unrelated to the location of the AVM.


My family also called mine strawberry haha!
Next time I see him I’ll mention it, might be worth to get tested too.

An AVM just under the surface looks very much like a birthmark, so much so that people are often told, for years “it’s just a birthmark” (or make that same assumption themselves). The presence of more than one AVM, especially unconnected, does hint you could have multiple and that is probably more common with an inherited condition like HHT, so it is worth a mention for several reasons, principally to make sure it doesn’t warrant any investigation.

Probably, it is nothing. But worth talking about.

Do let us know how you get on.

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