Bleomycin for facial AVM's

Would be good to hear of people’s experience with Bleomycin treating facial AVM’s, inparticular venous malformations.

Anyone in the @Facial team know about this?

Hi, I’ve had bleomycin for my AVM on the left mandible two times (once at 17 and again at 19, I’m now 21 and looks like I may be going in for another round soon). In the past I’ve had about a dozen embolizations, cryotherapy, and alcohol injections straight to the site. As far as recovery goes, immediate recovery was easiest after bleomycin. However, I did struggle with fatigue and some pain for a while after surgery. And as far as my AVM goes, I’ve had great results with bleo! Since using bleo, I’ve been able to have longer periods in between operations.

Wishing the best for you!

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