Blocked Ears

Does anyone else have consistantly blocked ears? Day in and day out, 3/4ths of the day at least one of my ears are blocked and I am wondering if its avm related, med related, or just me?

My ears seem normal. I’m not on meds, though

My ears go in and out- sometimes they’re blocked- sometimes they open up. My left ear rings most of the time.

I have had the feeling, sensation of having blocked ears off and on all of my life but upon examination they are never actually blocked. What does show up as being blocked everytime I have an MRI are blocked sinuses but I never have any bocked sinus symptoms? Next time you have someone look at your MRI you might consider asking them how your sinuses look.

When you say blocked, do you mean having trouble hearing or that feeling you get right before your ears pop? My hearing has really gone to pot…as a matter of fact, that’s how I found about my AVM. If you mean that “filled” feeling, I have it right now! But I only get that sporadically.

Love, Connie