Blood, but not active bleeding?


Have you heard of someone having blood on their brain (in the spot of a previously hemorrhaged AVM that has required two surgeries for residual AVMs)? My daughter apparently has blood, that much is something upon which everybody agrees. The big question is what caused it and where it’s come from. We hope to hear some news this week from our most recent neurosurgeon, but the waiting is very tough.

It makes me particularly nervous since her most recent craniotomy was July 27th, so she hasn’t really had a complete chance to heal from the latest one.

Thanks everybody,

Just said a prayer for you and your daughter!!

Well on my case they said that the avm bleed. Because of the bleeding cause an aneurysm behind my left eye. I had the craniotomy done on 4-2009, And it seems that there were still a little more so they recommended a gamma knife, and the neurosurgeon said that when the avm is gone hes gonna do surgery to removed the aneurysm. Good luck my friend I wish the best results for your daughter be strong and positive everything will be okay! God Bless! You daughter will be on my prayers!!!