Brain Injury Awareness Month

Hi everyone and for those of us who have or have had AVMs in their brain I found this video by Christabelle Braden excellent. While she did not have an AVM, she relates to the consequences of an injured brain.

This is great, thanks Susan.

Great video, Susan. She does a good job of explaining what someone with an acquired brain injury (ABI) goes through. It’s definitely worth sharing with loved ones.

Thanks, Trish.

Thanks, Tim, and my reaction to Christabelle was oh wow, she knows!

Quite powerful indeed.

Thank you to my favorite person in Puerto Rico!

Thanks, Dina.

Well done - she sums up the experience so well!!!
Thanks for sharing, Susan. :)

Thank you for sharing, Susan....Perfect explaining of how we feel!

Thanks for adding a comment, Louisa.

Thanks for sharing Susan :) , another great post

Hi Patti, thanks for the comment.

Thanks for the comment, Martin, and I found this video very supportive.