Brain surgery date-March 1st

Well... this came so much faster than I expected... but I am traveling to Arizona in the next few days. Its going to be a long trip across the country as we are driving. I have to be at the Barrow institute on Feb.28(which happen to be my birthday) and the surgery is March 1st, so a week from now.

Yes, im scared, but I am also positive. I have to be!!! My cavernoma appeared to have bled a tiny bleed, which still cause me to now have trouble breathing. I cannot get enough sleep because i stop breathing in my sleep. My cavernoma is in the brainstem by the Thalamus so the neurologists here in town told me it couldnt be the cause of y breathing issues, which conflicts with what i know of the brainstem. I have a lot of abnormality that neuro here could never confirm what it was.

I am just at a loss some.... but im doing all i can to be positive. I will try to update you when i can.

We’re here for you, dandelion wishes. I’m glad this is happening soon. All the best to you and your family!

My heart goes out to you dandelionwishes!
Have a safe journey & VERY BEST wishes on your upcoming surgery.
Will be cheering you on for a successful surgery & recovery.
Take care.

wish u all the luck ....take care :)

Good luck with everything! PLease drive carefully and update us when you are able to!

You are in my thoughts and prayers!

I'm so glad that you have a surgery date. Staying positive is an important way to be, especially prior to surgery. Safe travels and I'm sure your family will be by your side:).

I just saw my neurologist at Mass General. I had my third bleed in the brainstem (pons) last May/June. He said that my breathing is affected too. I may have sleep apnea too...My palate and the back of my throat vibrate a little, so the airway is partially blocked and i talk with a nasally voice now as well- the brainstem is the center for everything so nothing surprises me anymore with my "new normal".. Thinking of you during this week and beyond, Heidi

Thinking of you dandelionwishes all my prayers go out to you, take care

I pray for excellent surgical skills and compassionate nursing care as you undergo your surgery and recovery. We still joke about my "Swami head" following my brain surgery in June 2007... but "all's well that ends well"

Thoughts and prayers are with you!!! You are going to a wonderful place for treatment!!! Glad you are positive. Keep the positive attitude as much as you can, and take comfort in knowing lots of people praying for you!!!!

Hi Dandelionwishes! First and foremost HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on Thursday and know that the heavens are being stormed with prayers for you in the days leading up to your surgery on Friday!!!

Dear Heavenly Father, May you Bless Dr. Robert Spetzler who performing this surgery on Friday, March 1st, with a steady hand and the skill to do his task with Ease and Perfection. Give to Dandelionwishes and her loved ones the reassuring faith that You are with them and calm all their anxieties and nerves in the coming days leading to this surgery. May you Bless her with a speedy recovery leading to complete Healing and Restoration from this rare brain condition. All this I ask, Father, in the Precious Name of Jesus, AMEN!

[HUGS, HUGS & more HUGS} to YOU!
God Bless You!

You will be in my prayers , I honestly believe you will be fine , you are in good hands .

Good luck to you, danelionwishes on your travels, surgery and recovery. I'll be praying for you.

Keep us updated and our prayers are with you. God bless

My prayers are with you.

Best of luck to you and a very happy birthday as well!

I will be praying for you tomorrow! Good luck!!!

Please give someone your sign in so they can update us. Praying for a huge success tomorrow.