Burning scalp/Snow related?

I know that the weather can give us brain AVMers headaches, but I have a different question. It is snowing pretty hard here in Brewster and my scalp is burning where I had the proton beam radiation four years ago…particularly where the holes were drilled. Does anyone else who had PBR have this problem? If so, what do you do for relief?

My guess is the pain is a result of the hole scars and has nothing to do with the radiation.

When my wife had PBR and surgery later, my Mom attacked the scars with gel from Vitamin E capsules. It bothered me for awhile and I asked if that could cause any harm. It did seem to make the scars heal better. Probably too late now for you to reap benefit.


I didn’t have radiation…had a craniotomy and my headaches arem much much worse in cold, snowy weather. Hope you feel better :slight_smile: