Burr Holes some 3 years after surgery

Hi - Well I have been away for a few years but thought I would share some success with you.
A few months ago I was having the usual head pressure and pain located around the burr holes in my craniotomy. I decided to have this fixed by surgery as, the appearance of the bone flap was unsightly and looked depressed.
I have now had the surgery and now have three star shaped 50p size plates over the burr holes, this has also pulled the bone up so its flushed with the rest of my skull - wow what a difference, instant pressure relief and my head actually looks bloody normal again. This was done Walton centre Liverpool, England


Wonderful to hear a success story! May I ask, why burr holes?

Hi Sophie, not sure what your saying about Burr holes so may be we call them different things dependant what country we are in. The Burr holes are the initial holes cut in the skull - they then saw between each hole and out pops the skull bone. In the UK they pop the skull back in and attach with clips or plates however unlike other countries who back fill the holes with a form of bonding agent filling the holes, the uk tend to just leave it as a hole - after time this will always remain as a hole and you could literally put your finger in. For me this caused some pressure issues in my brain so when I used the toilet the pressure tried to escape through the hole and you could see the skin above the hole raise up - mainly when tensing your tummy, lifting ext. I had these holes covered with plates so the pressure could no longer push out of the holes - its fantastic.

Keep going forward!!! I add you in my prayers!!!

Cheers to YOU, Burr, and your GUTS to get your AVM fixed pretty good! Over 25 years ago, when AVM problems were really quite new, I got my very large AVM fixed, too. I suffered 2 strokes during 7 brain surgeries! It WAS a long hall to recover, but miracles DO happen, and I am happy to be long in that group! This is my gorgeous 2nd Life, and I am here to help OTHERS. Lisa A. Stuckel