Can anyone share any personal experiences, thoughts on children who have had radiation treatment for AVM's?

I really would appreciate any insight, if your child experienced side effects, etc.
Thank you so much!

I’m sorry I wish I could give you some input but I had a embolization & craniotomy…but I just wanted to wish you and your family the best of luck.

I also wish I could give you some insight with children going through radiation. I had two myself but I don’t know the experiences for children.

Hope you get answers too my son is going to get that or craniotomy after the all embolization first. i hope for the best for you. you may need to read some stories here. But as soon as you get some answers i like to know too.

I do, my son went threw it two years ago. He was 5 years old and I’m not sure what to share. I think the hardest part was him having the anestisha he was throwing up and he was very tired. I didn’t notice any side effects except he was very tired. Please email with any questions you have. I didn’t find this website till a few months ago. I so wish I had someone to talk to about all his procedures.
God bless,

Hello i am sorry to hear that your daughters avm burts but it is positive that the proceedure so far has went well kids are so resiliant it is amazing is in’t how they want to be up and about a soon as they can, i think children have such strong fighting spirts. My son has not been able to have treatment unfortunatly. I do know of someone who may be helpful to you her name is erica and her son has had an avm his name is erica why don’t you send her a message she is lovely and knows lots of people so she may know someone you could talk to . Hope this helps a bit . my thoughts and prayers are with your family and your daughter