Can I smoke pot/eat edibles after AVM surgery?

Hi, I had my avm removed on the 29th of july this year. My avm ruptured on the 15th of that month which led to multiple seizures before I was hospitalized. Would I be able to consume marijuana or would that be dangerous for the healing process? I’m currently on seizure meds and my doctors say that I have to be on them for two years incase my blood vessels rupture and start bleeding.

My understanding is that there are some anticoagulant properties of marijuana. This seems like a bad combination. I know it’s not necessarily a comfortable conversation, but I would encourage you to speak with your doctor about this.

Sharon from ModSupport

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You can ask your neuro team to make sure

But, if it wasn’t for “weed” I’d prob go crazy by now.


It can depend on how you take it Fran. Mention smoking it to dr’s …ohhh not good.
Some medicos can be a little more accepting of vaping, but for some vaping is the new smoking.
I haven’t spoken to the medicos regarding edibles, although the cannabis Dr here has prescribed a digestible oil. The effect takes time from consumption to take effect as it needs to be processed via our liver and the effect is also altered and is often described as a ‘body stone’ vs smoking/vaping which is often described as a ‘head stone’. I explained to the prescribing cannabis Dr 'When I need it, I don’t need the benefit in 2hrs time, I need it now". He now prescribes me flower

I must agree with both Sharon and Mike, it is a discussion that you need to have with your neuro
In saying that I must also agree with Mike again
“But, if it wasn’t for “weed” I’d prob go crazy by now.”

Merl from the Modsupport Team


Hi Fran, just a quick hello and welcome. I can’t provide any advice or personal experience on the pot or edibles but always good to chat with Dr. Take Care, John

Hello! Im 24 and I had a embolization and open craniotomy 11 months ago. I have been using cbd and thc both before and after. I have not once experienced any interaction or side effects. My primary care dr and neuro team know that I use marijuana and they are impressed with how much it’s helped me through this recovery. I use a specific cartridge strain. It’s called Blue Dream and it’s a cbd/thc 1:1. I truly encourage anyone who has experienced any brain trauma or invasive surgeries to try cbd/thc. Without it my recovery would have been a complete difference experience!!

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Funny am reading this now!!

I suppose each case in different- my story:
Amv completely removed am 37 and used to smoke pot, I also smoke cigarettes.

I stopped pot and cigarettes 2 years ago before and during pregnancy

After craniotomy I started again with cigarettes ( because why not!?!) and yesterday I had a splif ( Cbd/thc) after 2y… so good!!! I am in Eu so we just start to have it in shops and I rolling with tobacco

I had a splif after dinner and I slept so good def will do tonight again :sunglasses:

Hope this helps

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I take Rick Simpson daily. Also CBG gummies have helped so much.