Can someone please help

I have to have a procedure and they want me to take a valium. My docs on vacation… are they safe with brain AVMs?

I suggest you call the DR who is doing your procedure, let them know you have an AVM and what meds you are taking, to see what they say.

That, and call your pharmacist who knows what drugs you take, and ask them also.

Offhand, I’d say no problem, but you wouldn’t buy stocks based on my recommendation, right? Neither should you take medical info from a stranger.

Ron, KS

I’m sure you know Valium is basically a very mild sedative. Stress during procedures, or for whatever reason tends to rise the BP. I take Valium 2x’s a day or more due to EPC. I have records from before the AVM was removed & plenty Valium was used.

Thank you to everyone… i really am thankful for the advice

I have multiple lung avm’s and a brain avm and have always been offered valium during the procedures (embo’s and angio’s) that I have undergone. It is the best part of the procedure. :slight_smile:

…but of course I am no doctor. Good luck… /pat