Channel 5 Documentary Series - Trauma Room One

I’ve just watched episode four of this series and (provided the prospect of surgery isn’t wholly frightening, and honestly we all know that it is) it may be a useful series to have a look at to understand neurosurgery and spinal surgery.

The series is set in the Walton Centre in Liverpool. If you’ve had treatment there, it’s possible you might see your neurosurgeon operating on others, coming across the complexities of operations, explaining why they occur, and see how they deal with them.

I think it’s light education. Not as in-depth as YouTube videos on these subjects perhaps but an interesting view into the world of neurosurgery in one of the UK’s major centres. Much easier to watch after successful surgery than before but I hope useful to share for those who would like to know a bit more.

I’m not sure the series will be accessible outside the UK. It may be.

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