Chat Room Tutorial

To all potential AVM chatters,

Here is a brief tutorial on how to use our AVM chat room. When choosing to chat with anoter member in AVM chat, simply hilight that individual's name, and click on the inverted arrowhead "v" on the right side. This displays a sub-menu with the following options- View Profile- which allows viewing of that member's user profile, Chat-Which allows a conversation in the Main Room or a private chat whoe contents are viewed in a private mode, and Ignore - Prevents contact with that individual. There are designated chatrooom moderators who can also act in your behalf if something innapropriate occurs in a conversation.
As AVM survivors our goal is to befriend one another and provide support when faced with the difficult issues AVMs throw into our lives.

I sincerely hope this helps,

Rob Forsythe

How did you know? I just found out recently that I'm not as tech.-saavy as once thought.